New Swimming Pool Construction

Our process

Step 1 – Consultation and bidding

Our bid process takes 2 trips and about a weeks time. The first visit one of our consultants will come out, measure your yard, and get a feel for what you are looking for. Our consultant will then take all the information he has gathered and put together a complete scale pool design using our 3 dimensional landscape and pool design software. From that design a complete, detailed and itemized bid will be put together. Once we have the bid and presentation complete we can get together a second time to give you you proposal. This second trip will be spent going over the pool design in detail. At this time any necessary changes to the pool design can be made quite easily rite before your eyes. Then our pool consultant will go over the bid in detail explaining what is included, all the construction materials used and any additional options. By the end of this second trip any questions and concerns about the process should be answered

Step 2 – Plans permits and engineering

If we are fortunate enough to earn your business, permits and a construction plan will need to be obtained before we can break ground on your pool construction project. From the same pool design we came up with in step one we can create a full construction plan ready to go to the city. This construction plan is then taken to the people over at pool engineering Inc. where a licensed civil engineer will review the plans and specification then add the appropriate engineering details basted on your pool design as well as other affecting factors such as property slopes or adjacent structures that may pose additional stress on the pool walls than normal conditions. In some cases we may be required to have a licensed geotechnical engineer survey the property and provide a report. Every city is different, most city’s we can get permits over the counter in a day however others have a plan check that can take a month or more.

Step 3 – Layout, demolition, and pool excavation

Now the fun begins, we can break ground! One of our skilled bobcat operators will start by performing the necessary demolition and sod removal and pre grading for the pool site.

Once the elevations area properly and site cleared we will paint the pool out for both your approval and the approval of he project supervisor. Any last miniute changes to the location of the pool, layout, size, or location will need to be made at this time, after the pool has been formed and excavation it becomes difficult and costly to make changes. With your approval of the swimming pool layout we will place excavation forms and begin removing dirt. Swimming pool excavation generally takes 2-3 days, Somewhere between 10-20 of our 10 wheeler with tailor will be removed and the bob cat will make a few hundred trips from the the backyard to the truck in the process. Considering the weight of the bob cat and the number of trips made it should be assumed any grass landscape or sprinklers in the path of the poll excavation will need to be replaced or repaired. The cost of this repair is not included in the contract unless specifically requested and included

Step 4 – Steel reinforcement

Once pool excavation is complete rebar will be places in the pool per the structural pool designs made by our engineer. This process is rather pain less and we get a lot of compliments on our rebar crews professionalism and work habits. Most jobs we complete In a day and use about a ton of rebar however we have had a few monster hill side jobs that have taken the better part of a week and used almost 4 tons of steel

Step 5 – Pool Plumbing and under ground

At this stage we install all the underground pool circulation plumbing, gas lines, under ground electrical, pool equipment, skimmer and light niche well as any plumbing necessary for any water fall or water features we may be doing. It should be noted that deck and landscape drains are not placed at this point. This stage usual take 2-4 days depending on job size


After Placement of the swimming pool plumbing we will need approval from the city building and safety division. A building inspector will come out and check to make sure all the work up to this point has been done in accordance with Local requirements. The items the inspectors usually emphasize at this stage are the bonding of the pool steel to the ground at the pool equipment, the required 3″ clearance between earth and the pool steel, that the swimming pool reinforcing steel is installed per spec, that the pipes are at the appropriate depth, and that all the plumbing is under pressure. The gas line is required to be tested at 15 p.s.i. Pool plumbing is required to be at 35 p.s.i.

Step 6 – Shotcrete

After passing inspection we can then move on to Shotcrete placement. Shotcrete is exactly what it sounds like shot concrete or in other words pneumatic place concrete. This is the process by which we place the structural placed concrete. All the pool walls and floor will be placed as well as any raised bond beam or water features. At the completion of this stage you will really be able to see the shape of the pool. Most pool and spa projects use about 40 yards of Shotcrete and the process takes around six hours, we employ 6 Shotcrete finishers to carve the shape of the pool just the way the plans indicate.

Step 7 – Masonry

This is the longest stage of the pool construction process depending on the size and complexities of the project this stage be as short as a week and a half however as the scopes of the swimming pool project grows so does the length of this stage. During the , masonry stage we will construct and complete any walls or retaining walls, place the pool coping, place the pool tile, place drain lines, pour the pool deck, complete any stone veneer, do any stucco and install the mastic joint.

Step 8 – Pool plaster

This is the final construction stage of the project and what holds the water in the pool. Pool plaster will take either one day for standard or color plaster, exposed aggregate plasters like pebble or quartz plasters will take 2 days, there are a few different finishes to choose from, and multiple different colors and stone combinations

Step 9 – Start up

Once the pool is filled we will come out and perform what is called a start up. This includes testing and programming all the pool equipment, setting up any water features and flow control to them, brushing the pool plaster, balancing the chemistry, and giving instructions on how to operate your new pool. We will also provide you with a few basic cleaning tools.
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Southern California Custom Pool Builder

Sapphire Pool & Spa

We specialize in designing & constructing custom pools in Southern California. We are owner-operated and have a smaller, more intimate take on the swimming pool construction process than many of our competitors.

When you choose Sapphire Pool and Spa as your custom pool builder you won’t get the run around. From the pool design stage to completion, you will deal directly with the company owner, guaranteeing both complete accountability and continuity on your project at all times. This, coupled with our highly skilled in-house crews, means all of our projects finish on time, on budget and per the pool design.

If you are looking for the best customer service, highest quality pool construction, all at a great price then Sapphire Pool and Spa is the right swimming pool contractor for you.
3d Pool Design 3D Pool Design
Every one of our pool projects starts as a 3D custom pool design. When you choose Sapphire Pool and Spa you will have very little question of what your pool will look like complete. No pencil drawn 2D scribbles on a piece of scratch paper here. We Believe in putting the technology we have to work and in doing so creating a pool design that will meet your every expectation
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